October 3, 2018

Bee Taxidermy for Beginners with Ruth Marsh!

Ruth Marsh

On October 3rd, attend a bee taxidermy workshop and learn techniques from the World’s Foremost Bee Taxidermist Ruth Marsh! If you’re an aspiring bee taxidermist and want to grow your craft on a strong foundation, the best way to do it by far is one-on-one instruction. You can learn from video tutorials, but you can’t stop a video and ask the instructor if you’ve done it right. In Ruth Marsh’s one-on-one workshop, you’ll get direct feedback and you won’t move on to the next level until you know your work is correct.

As the world’s foremost Bee Taxidermist, Ruth Marsh brings nearly a decade of experience to The Living Room for this one of a kind workshop. At the beginner level you will learn three key foundational techniques of bee taxidermy: 1. how to construct bee legs out of reclaimed electronic resistors; 2. how to braid bee antennae out of fine wire and; 3. how to mould bee wings out of salvaged copper.

Given that the full process of Bee Taxidermy requires several weeks to complete and time is limited, you will be provided with a pre-preserved and reassembled, taxidermic bee body base (head, thorax and abdomen). During the workshop you will be given instruction on how to properly and safely attach antennae, wings and legs to this basic bee body. Workshop participants will be provided with take home information on how to prepare and preserve a dead bee body from scratch. All of the pieces you work on during the workshop will be yours to take home.

This workshop is intended as an entry level course which will give you the confidence you need to prepare and preserve heirloom quality taxidermic bees for your family to enjoy for generations to come!